10 Reasons to Repave Your Hampton, VA Commercial Parking Lot

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The entrance to your business’ parking creates the first perception of your clients. The condition of your commercial parking lot can either make or break a customer’s first impression.

You may think that a small hole in the parking lot is not a big deal. However, your customers perceive it differently. Some of them will turn away at the first sight of potholes in the driveway.

The small potholes eventually grow into more expensive repairs. They can also affect your liability as a business owner in Hampton.

At the first sign of damage, you should hire a contractor specialized in commercial paving in Hamilton, VA.

Is your commercial parking lot in Hampton-Virginia worn out? Read this guide to learn excellent reasons for getting it repaved.

Reasons to Repave Your Hampton, VA Commercial Parking Lot

Do you have an asphalt parking lot? You need not wait for it to fall into major disrepair. Contact a repair and resurface contractor well in time. This will help attract more customers and save on repair costs. There are numerous reasons to resurface your parking lot in Hampton.

These 10 are some of the more important ones to keep in mind:

1. Enhances the Image of Your Business

What impression will a cracked parking lot have on your customers? They will not regard your company with high esteem. You could be providing quality services, but your parking lot pulls you down.

If your parking lot has tiny cracks, you could think of it as not significant. Think again? What’s your first impression when you visit a hospital with the driveway cracked? Most likely, you will turn away to look for another hospital. You assume their services are no better.

The case is never different for your commercial parking lot. Your business’s image is at stake at the first sight of potholes.

 You don’t want to lose your customers when you only need to repave your parking lot. 

2. Avoid Liability

Your company is held legally responsible for any accidents that occur within the premises. Very large potholes may cause serious damage to customer vehicles. Potholes damage car frames and tires. More so, they can lead to misalignment in wheels and cause flat tires.

These damages are actionable in court. Your customers may file lawsuits against you, which you might end up paying fines.

 Potholes may also lead to personal injuries to those walking on the driveway. Your customers will be periodic complainers. A happy customer will always come back. To ensure your clients are happy, you need to call a parking lot repair contractor in Hampton.

3. Sealcoats Require Upgrades

Parking lots cannot remain brand new all their lifetime. They get worn out by tough weather conditions and high traffic. Cracks in the seal coats pose an even larger problem.

Tiny seeds find themselves in the cracks and sprout to plants. These plants are especially stubborn and require uprooting almost weekly. Their roots also find their way deep into the surface. With time larger cracks that are expensive to repair develop.

A fresh sealcoat is always important to your asphalt pavement. It prevents the small holes that are regularly formed by moisture. Commercial seal coating preserves and extends the life of your asphalt pavement.

4. Raising Your Property Value

Do you plan to sell your commercial property any time soon? If yes, your asphalt parking lot must be appealing. Potential buyers in Hampton will assess the value of your property as soon as they pull into the driveway.

Nobody will pay handsomely for a property with potholes and cracks in the parking lot. Potential buyers will negotiate your quoted price on the first sight of potholes. You don’t want to lose that extra coin from your buyers.

Significant parking lot damages are detrimental to the value of your property. Hire a top-rated local paving company in Hampton, VA, for your parking lot repairs.

5. Attracting New Business

When potential tenants visit your premises, the first thing they see is your asphalt parking lot. Are you suffering from tenancy costs? Then it’s time to relook at your parking lot. It creates the first impression to potential tenants.

A damaged parking lot would mean little or no customers to your tenants. A quick driveway seal coating is quite affordable. It will drastically improve your odds of acquiring new business in Hampton, VA.

6. Retaining Existing Clients

Repaving your commercial parking lot regularly sends a positive message to your tenants. It shows that you are considerate and care about the state of your property. It helps reduce the rate of client turnover, thus, ensuring constant income flow.

7. Boost Employee Morale

Consider when an ideal candidate avails themselves for a scheduled interview. When they pull into your commercial parking lot, you don’t want them to have a negative impression of your company. Research shows well-maintained business environment boost’s employee’s morale.

8. Lowering Insurance Liabilities

Do you have an insurance policy to protect your business against customer and tenant accidents? Your premiums could soar up if there are accidents. Get a reputable contractor to fix potholes in your driveway.

9. Cost Saving

Making small repairs to your commercial parking lot is much cheaper than doing an overhaul. Replace damages as soon as they appear. You won’t have to be concerned about prematurely replacing the whole parking lot.

10. Safe Driving and Parking

A good way to make your commercial parking lot in Hampton look new and tidy is by repainting faded lines and markings. This helps customers and tenants park their cars with ease. It eliminates accidents in the parking lot and allows smooth traffic in the parking lot.

Is It Time To Repave Your Parking Lot?

Are your customers complaining about your commercial parking lot in Hampton VA? This is a good sign that your driveway needs repair.

If you’ve seen the appearance of holes, cracks and wear in your parking lot, give us a call. We are reputable at addressing the source of the problem, not simply masking it.

If you need the best asphalt paving solutions, contact us and get your free estimate today.

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