Dedicated Asphalt Paving Providers

Hampton Paving is a trusted commercial and residential paving contractor in the Hampton, VA area. We have decades of experience in the asphalt industry and work closely with homeowners and local companies to pave roads, driveways, and parking lots that perfectly suit their needs. From asphalt installation services to routine maintenance, we are your partner for all things asphalt.

Top Paving Contractor

We are fully-licensed and insured in the state of Virginia. We strive to provide a good experience to our customers, from initial phone call to finished project. Our start-to-finish asphalt services will save you time from needing to find multiple contractors for different aspects of your paving project. Some of our asphalt paving services include:

You may not be sure what kind of service your asphalt needs. We are happy to schedule a free estimate and visit your residential or commercial property for a consultation.

Our paving contractors can assess your asphalt surfaces and provide you with an expert opinion. A worn pavement surface may not need to be replaced, but just resurfaced. Sealcoating regularly is beneficial and helps prevent wear and tear on asphalt. However, sealing too frequently is also a problem because sealer that builds up can have unsightly, though harmless, cracking. Our asphalt experts are happy to provide advice and cost estimates for your upcoming paving projects!

Serving Clients Throughout Hampton, VA

Hampton Paving is proud to provide excellent paving services to clients throughout the area. We work with homeowners associations to pave and repair roads. Property managers and business owners hire us to pave reliable parking lots. We also pave and seal asphalt driveways throughout the Hampton Roads area. Our repair and maintenance keep asphalt surfaces in great shape, and comfortable to drive on.

With over a decade of experience, our paving specialists will do an amazing job you can have confidence in. Whether you need seal coating, installation, or repairs to restore the smooth surface of your asphalt pavements, call us today for a free quote.